ERA Key Performance Indices (KPIs)

The setting of KPIs is important for measuring the success of the IndWMP.

Among the ERA KPIs are the following:

  • Number of producers registered
  • Number of producers reporting product placed on market
  • Number of producers paying their E-Waste management levy
  • Number of E-Waste collectors, transporters, recyclers and processors registered and accredited by ERA
  • Number and location of official collection points and recyclers working with E-Waste
  • Amount of waste collected and treated by category
  • Consistency and regulatory of all reports to DEA and stakeholders
  • Efficiency of the data and information management system for tracking all relevant data
  • Efficiency of disbursements, especially to various stakeholders in the E-Waste collection and treatment process
  • Jobs and enterprises created, with due consideration of BBBEEE requirements