IndWMP E-Waste Collection and Recycling Targets

ERA NPC produced an Industry Waste Management Plan over the period of four years in terms of Section 28 of the NEMWA. The ERA plan that was submitted to DEFF was shelved in December 2019 as the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries rescinded the Section 29 Industry Waste Management Plan Framework for the Paper and Packaging, Lighting and EEE sectors. She replaced the Section 28 Framework with a Section 18 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Framework. The Minister published the EPR Regulations and a Notice to the WEEE sector on 5 November 2020.


The NEMWA provides DEFF with a third option: viz. Section 29 which makes provision for government to manage the WEEE waste stream directly and raise the funding for this work through a WEEE tax.
ERA NPC is currently working on the revision of its S.28 plan to align it with the ruling S.18 legal regime.