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ERA NPC is a registered non-profit organisation that started out as a Steering Team selected from among approximately 120 delegates who met with government in 2014 to discuss how South Africa is going to address its WEEE challenges.  The WEEE Steering Team became ERA NPC as its engagement with WEEE stakeholders and government grew over the course of the last six years.

The current and founding members of ERA are the following:

  • E-Waste Recycler Allan Werth CEO of Sims Recycling Solutions – SA and WeCare NPC
  • Social Entrepreneur Ashley du Plooy Chairperson of E-Waste IndWMP Steering Committee
  • E-Waste Recycler Jan Barnard Manager: DESCO Electronic Recyclers
  • EEE Producer Mark Saunders CEO and Representative of South African Domestic Appliances Association – SADA
  • E-Waste Recycler Jonathan de Vries CEO of e-Compliance
  • EEE Producer Association Jonathan Perry Representative of Dell and Officer Bearer of ITA
  • Lighting Recycler Pravashen Naidoo CEO of E-Waste Africa
  • EEE Producer Association Ruben Janse van Rensburg Representative of HP and Officer Bearer of ITA
  • E-Waste Recycler Association Susanne Karcher Chair and Co-ordinator of the Southern African E-Waste Alliance – SAEWA



    • South African Domestic Appliances Association (SADA) represents manufacturers and Importers of large and small appliances in South Africa.  It comprises eight member companies and accounts for between 70% and 80% of domestic appliances on the market
    • Information Technology Association (ITA) represents manufacturers and importers of Information and Communication Technology in South Africa.  It comprises over two hundred members and accounts for around 50% of ICT on the market.
    • Sims is the world’s largest WEEE Recycler (1 of the 2 biggest recyclers in SA) and handles approximately one third of the WEEE on the market. 
    • Desco is South Africa’s oldest WEEE Recycler (1992) – (1 of the 2 biggest recyclers in SA) and handles approximately one third of the WEEE on the market.
    • SAEWA is an Alliance of twenty-one recyclers that supports the development of emerging WEEE enterprises
    • Africa E-Waste, E-Waste Africa (lighting) and e-Compliance – Tier 2 E-Waste enterprises
    • WeCare – pilot Tier 3 E-Waste enterprises
    • Collectively, ERA’s members account for more than 50% of WEEE collection and recycling



You are invited to join ERA NPC and participate in its WEEE EPR Scheme.  By joining, you will get the opportunity to make representation to government and to help formulate the Regulations and the ERA EPR Scheme into something that is workable for you.  Non-compliance with the Regulations and WEEE Notice can and will result in heavy penalties in the form and fines and/or even imprisonment.



  • ERA is a multi-stakeholder Producer Responsibility Organisation formed to undertake individual EEE companies’ EPR responsibilities on their behalf.
  • ERA was mandated by the WEEE sector at a consultative conference held on 29 October 2014 to draft an Industry Waste Management Plan for the WEEE sector.
  • ERA has engaged the Department of Environmental Affairs intensively and extensively over the last 6 years in the formulation of a nation-wide WEEE Management Plan.
  • ERA implemented the largest and most serious national consultative process in the formulation of the IndWMP which it submitted to government in 2018.
  • ERA membership currently comprises companies and associations that represent 80%+ of the domestic appliances on the SA market, 50%+ of the ITC goods on the SA market, as well as 70%+ of the county’s e-Waste recycling capacity.
  • The six years of engagement between ERA’s producers and recyclers means that ERA has a collective track record and depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that very few, if any, individual corporations can match.
  • ERA is a true Non-profit company which remains open to your inclusion and participation in shaping of the EPR regime for South Africa.
  • Due size of ERA’s membership already, it is well positioned to implement an EPR Scheme that is effective and cost-effective in terms of you meeting your legal EPR obligations.
  • ERA is currently part of the DEFF Task Force charged with co-opting feedback regarding the EPR Regulations and WEEE Notice into an amended set of Notices and Regulations – towards the objective of extracting the more onerous demands placed on EEE companies.  To this end we are working on getting the current 6-month deadline for compliance (5 May 2021) extended by another 6 months.



ERA has been operating on very substantial voluntary contributions from its members over the last six years, but as the EPR regime is now coming into focus and law, and given the extensive work required to shape the final WEEE EPR Scheme, it requires the deployment of more focused and committed personnel and resources.  We estimate that a collective voluntary contribution amounting to multiples of millions have been made by the ERA members in personnel and direct costs.

We therefore appeal to you to join ERA NPC and its EPR Scheme by re/registering as a fully-fledged (voting) member and by supporting the 13 months’ consultation, planning and set up costs of ERA. Your contribution towards ERA’s set up budget for the period ending December 2021 will allow us to fully operationalise the ERA EPR Scheme (with your input) and will include a 3-month system test period.  Our operational budget for this period is R1.5m. The key objective for ERA is to ensure that you meet your EPR obligations in a simple, effective, cost-effective and measurable way – as efficiently as possible.  



We provide 2 contribution options for ERA Membership.  You are required to:

a) Provide a monthly contribution towards ERA in the amount of …

i) R10,000 -R20,000 per month (R130,000-R260,000 over 13 months), which amount will be accrued and be repaid in 18 equal instalments and be off-set against EPR levies due by you from 1 January 2022.

ii) R5,000 to R10,000 per month (R65,000 -R130,000 over 13 months), which amount will be accrued and be repaid in 18 equal instalments and be off-set against EPR levies due by you from 1 January 2022.

b) Make a once-off non-refundable donation of any size with a statement on why you cannot or will not contribute as proposed in (a)(i) or (a)(ii) above.

c) Confirm that you will not contribute towards the start-up costs of ERA and that you accept the additional administration charge on top of your EPR contributions for the first 12 months of the ERA Scheme’s operation, which will be set at a value that allows ERA NPC to fulfil its obligations in (a)(i) above.

d) State why you choose not to participate in the ERA EPR Scheme and/or make any contribution to its initial cost layout.  The first fully-fledged ERA board, when constituted, will determine its relationship to prospective Producer Members who may wish to join the ERA NPC Scheme beyond the 2021 start-up phase.



Only Option (a)(i) and (a)(ii) is refundable.  All other contributions are considered as non-refundable donations.

If you opt for any of the contribution options in (a) or (b)above, you will be eligible to nominate candidates to the first fully constituted ERA board, as well as vote for board members. 

If you opt for contribution options (a)(iii) or (b), you may still nominate board members, but you will be ineligible to vote for any persons serving on the first fully constituted ERA board.

The ERA bank details are as follows:

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