ERA Original Members

ERA Original Members

ERA NPC has its origins in an Ewaste Steering Team that was selected from among approximately 120 delegates who met at the DFFE Consultative Conference held on 29 October 2014. The Steering Committee included the following persons:

  1. Ashley du Plooy (Interim Chair) – Active
  2. Allan Werth (Sims, WeCare and Recyclex) – resigned August 2021
  3. Jonathan de Vries (E-Compliance and R2E2) – resigned August 2021
  4. Jonathan Perry (Dell and ITA) – Active
  5. Ruben Janse van Rensburg (HP and ITA) – Active
  6. Mark Saunders (SADA) – Active
  7. Susanne Karcher (SAEWA) – Resigned April 2021
  8. Pravashen Naidoo (E-Waste Africa) – Resigned August 2021
  9. Malcolm Whitehouse replaced by Jan Barnard (DESCO) – Resigned August 2021
  10. Andrejz Tuleja (Whirlpool) – Stood down in 2016
  11. Alex Haw (Massmart) – Stood down in 2016
  12. Dion Smit (SA Precious Metals) – Stood down in 2017
  13. Keith Anderson (EWASA) – Resigned in June 2015
  14. Ulze van Wyk – Stood down after September 2018
  15. Anben Pillay – Stood down in March 2015

*** ‘Stood down’ indicates that no formal resignation from ERA Steercom took place.

Membership Facts


  • South African Domestic Appliances Association (SADA) represents manufacturers and Importers of large and small appliances in South Africa.  It comprises eight member companies and might account for between 60% and 70% of domestic appliances on the market
  • Information Technology Association (ITA) represents manufacturers and importers of Information and Communication Technology in South Africa.  It comprises over two hundred members and accounts for around 40%-50% of ICT on the market.


ERA, over the 7-year period that it has been engaged in the research, policy formulation and planning of the WEEE EPR Scheme, has benefited from a co-operative working relationship with the two largest WEEE Recycling companies in South Africa viz. Sims (now Recyclex) and Desco. Together with smaller WEEE recyclers represented by the now-defunct SAEWA (an alliance of twenty-one recyclers supporting emerging WEEE enterprises), Africa E-Waste, E-Waste Africa and others, account for more than 50% of WEEE collection and recycling.

ERA made a policy decision, after the publication of the EPR Regulations, to engage all WEEE Service Providers (collectors, transporters and recyclers) services through an open Request for Quotations (RFQ) process and to which it will apply consistent criteria for the selection of ERA Service Providers.

Benefits of being an ERA Member

  • ERAis a multi-stakeholder Producer Responsibility Organisation formed to undertake individual EEE companies’ EPR responsibilities on their behalf.
  • ERA was mandated by the WEEE sector at a consultative conference held on 29 October 2014 to draft an Industry Waste Management Plan for the WEEE sector.
  • ERA has engaged the Department of Fisheries Forestry and Environment, extensively over the last 7 years in the formulation of a nation-wide WEEE Management Plan.
  • ERA implemented the largest and most serious national consultative process in the formulation of the IndWMP which it submitted to government in 2018. This process is being repeated form the ERA WEEE EPR Scheme
  • ERA membership currently comprises companies and associations that represent 80%+ of the domestic appliances on the SA market, 50%+ of the ITC goods on the SA market, as well as 70%+ of the county’s e-Waste recycling capacity.
  • The six years of engagement between ERA’s producers and recyclers means that ERA has a collective track record and depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that very few, if any, individual corporations can match.
  • ERA is a true Non-profit company which remains open to your inclusion and participation in shaping of the EPR regime for South Africa.
  • Due size of ERA’s membership already, it is well positioned to implement an EPR Scheme that is effective and cost-effective in terms of you meeting your legal EPR obligations.
  • ERA is currently part of the DEFF Task Force charged with co-opting feedback regarding the EPR Regulations and WEEE Notice into an amended set of Notices and Regulations – towards the objective of extracting the more onerous demands placed on EEE companies.  To this end we are working on getting the current 6-month deadline for compliance (5 May 2021) extended by another 6 months.


Nomination for 2021 ERA Inaugural Board

  • This form needs to be completed for each and every nomination made
  • Nominations can be from Producer Members and general members of the public

Board Composition

There will be 10 duly selected Board of Directors as follows:

  • 1x Executive Director (ex-officio)
  • 6x Non-executive Directors comprising EEE stakeholder representatives from the following sectors:
    • ICT
    • Domestic Appliances
    • Retailers
    • Other
  • 3x Independent Non-executive Directors

Board Term

  • Two years
  • Terms for directors effective on 15 October 2021

Board Selection

The existing ERA Board of Directors and the Advisory Board (based on 7 years of engagement in the WEEE EPR process), will select the Inaugural Board of Directors from among nominees to establish competent governing capacity for the WEEE EPR Scheme.

The Inaugural Board will determine by consensus and/or by a simple majority vote, all assigned board roles.

Desired competencies and backgrounds for nominees

ERA NPC seeks to foster equitable and representative involvement of a diverse base of people on its Board. We thus envisage the composition of the Board to represent:

  • Industry experience
  • Diversity of background
  • Specialist expertise
  • ‘Race’ and gender diversity

Board Selection Timeline

  • 30 September: Deadline for nominations
  • 1 October: Final list of candidates published
  • 8 October: Nominee communication -Selection confirmation
  • 15 October: Board confirmed and duly constituted

Board Meetings and High-level Terms

  • The Inaugural Board of Directors first order of business will be to elect a Board Chairperson. Unless for good and valid reason, all Board members are expected to attend at least the 4 quarterly Board meetings per annum, including the Annual General Meeting to be convened in March annually
  • Unless for good and valid reasons, Board members should serve and/or co-opt others to serve on Board sub-committees.
  • Travel and Board meeting expenses will be reimbursed
  • All Directors of the Board who are not paid for Board meetings that they attend will be eligible to payment of a stipend as determined by the Inaugural Board.
  • All Directors of the Board must sign a Declaration of Interest/s

Nomination Documentation Required and Deadlines

The submission, on/before 30 September 2021 of the following:

  1. Fill in the Nomination Form below
  2. Email copy of CV/Resume to or
  3. Email Acceptance of Nomination to or or complete in Nomination Form below
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Nominee Registration ERA Inaugural Board 2021

ERA Funding

ERA has functioned on very substantial voluntary contributions from its members over the last seven years.  As the EPR legal environment has come into force, extensive work is required to shape the final ERA WEEE EPR Scheme.  It requires the deployment of more focused and committed personnel and resources.  We calculate that the collective voluntary contributions these last 7 years amounted to multiples of millions of ZAR in personnel and direct costs.  The funds required to operationalise the ERA WEEE EPR Scheme comes from the ERA joining (membership) fee, as well as advances made by members which will be repaid and attract levy discounts as determined by the ERA Board of Directors.

Ongoing funding will be secured from the EPR levies due from Producers.

Achieving a large Producer membership base remains a critical objective as this will enable ERA to function at scale to ensure that you meet your EPR obligations in a simple, effective, cost-effective and measurable way – as efficiently as possible.