ERA Members

The current ERA Members of ERA NPC are the Members of the E-Waste IndWMP Steering Committee that was formed at a DEA convened Consultative Conference on E-Waste on 29 October 2014.  This committee was mandated by the delegates to the consultative conference to develop an E-Waste IndWMP.

Membership of ERA is now open through this consultative process being undertaken by ERA.

The current and founding members of ERA are the following:

  • E-Waste Recycler Allan Werth CEO of Sims Recycling Solutions – SA and WeCare NPC
  • Social Entrepreneur Ashley du Plooy Chairperson of E-Waste IndWMP Steering Committee
  • Waste Processor Dion Smit CEO of SA Precious Metals
  • E-Waste Recycler Jan Barnard Manager: DESCO Electronic Recyclers
  • EEE Producer Mark Saunders CEO and Representative of South African Domestic Appliances Association – SADA
  • E-Waste Recycler Jonathan de Vries CEO of e-Compliance
  • EEE Producer Association Jonathan Perry Representative of Dell and Officer Bearer of ITA
  • Lighting Recycler Pravashen Naidoo CEO of E-Waste Africa
  • EEE Producer Association Ruben Janse van Rensburg Representative of HP and Officer Bearer of ITA
  • E-Waste Recycler Association Susanne Karcher Chair and Co-ordinator of the Southern African E-Waste Alliance – SAEWA
  • E-Waste Recycler Ulze van Wyk CEO of Africa E-Waste