Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a crucial environmental policy aligned with circular economy objectives. It operates on the principle that producers should manage the entire life cycle of their products, including their end-of-life stages, to promote effective waste management and material cycle closure. This approach holds producers accountable for the environmental impact of their products, encouraging responsible practices and internalising the costs of these impacts.

All existing importers and producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), or their assigned agents, are required to comply with the EPR Regulations.

Create your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Scheme, join an existing scheme, or appoint another scheme.

An EPR scheme is the practical implementation of the EPR policy. It involves the specific mechanisms, processes, and structures put in place to ensure that producers comply with their responsibilities. EPR schemes include details on collection, recycling, funding mechanisms, reporting, and other operational aspects.

ERA Service Providers are organisations or businesses that specialise in electronic waste management services, specifically under the context of the ERA WEEE EPR Scheme. These service companies specialise in electronic waste collection, transportation, recycling, or training. They collaborate with ERA and electronic product manufacturers to achieve appropriate and long-term waste management practises.

The EPR levy is a fee levied on certain types of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) based on their waste classification. It acts as a financial instrument to support proper e-waste collection and management. The levy rates differ depending on the type of EEE product, with higher costs applied to hazardous and high hazard goods. This financial contribution helps to ensure proper electronic waste disposal and recycling practices, which contributes to long-term waste management initiatives.

The ERA budget is divided into different categories to efficiently manage resources. The budget is allocated as follows: 20% for administration, 8% for collection, 10% for transport, and the majority, 62%, for recycling activities. This distribution ensures effective utilisation of funds for various aspects of the WEE Scheme.

ERA maintains a structured reporting process, submitting bi-annual reports to DFFE between July and March. Producer Members can choose to report market data monthly or quarterly. ERA collaborates with its members to select EPR Levy Rates and design the annual course, culminating in a November 30th submission to DFFE. To improve interaction and decision-making, key meetings for levy debates and the Annual General Meeting are held in October and March, respectively.

ERA aims to create job opportunities through its WEE Scheme. For every 1,000 tons of WEEE managed, approximately 25 jobs are sustained. This means that handling 9,000 tons of WEEE will support around 250 jobs.

When you join as a producer member, you agree to pay the applicable levy based on the kilogrammes of products you sell. By doing so, you become a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) of ERA. As a PRO, you actively engage in sector-specific discussions that shape South Africa’s successful management of electronic waste. Your participation helps to ensure that e-waste is handled and disposed of responsibly in accordance with regulatory rules. You also receive special compliance certifications on an ongoing basis.

Visit the Government website portal here: http://sawic.environment.gov.za/epr/

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