Technical Requirements

ERA Service Providers need to meet a number of technical requirements

This ranges from expertise, capacity, and integration.

In order to become an ERA Service Provider for its WEEE EPR Scheme, you need to complete the Technical Information modules which might apply, to showcase different expertise. The technical questionnaires are designed to give us an idea of the business competencies, capacity constraints, areas of specification, and the ability to introduce the ERA systems. Your responses will help us assess your fit within ERA. These requirements include a better understanding of:

  • What is your business’s footprint
  • What are your strengths, capacity and areas of expertise?
  • The level of ability to integrate with ERA systems.

Submissions can be made for one or all of the service categories, with these Technical requirements covering the following three categories of service provision:

  • Collection;
  • Transport, and
  • Recycling activities.

More on this can be found in our Service Provider Portal.

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Registration as an EEE Producer

1. Company Information
Registered Name*
Trade Name
DFFE Producer Registration Number
Registration Number
Country of Registration
Year Established
Physical Address
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Address 2*
Postal Code *
Postal Address
Postal Address 2
Postal Code
Address 1
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Postal Code
Telephone Number
Website Address
Places of Trade/Manufacture
Type of EEE Producer
2. Contact Person/s
Legal Compliance Manager
This person is responsible for the company's regulation/compliance function.
First Name*
Contact Number*
Email Address*
Executive Director/Contract Signatory
This person will sign the ERA NPC Producer contract
First Name*
Contact Number*
Email Address*
Reporting Official
This person will upload/input the Producer's monthly PoM reporting data
First Name*
Contact Number*
Email Address*
Accounting Official
First Name*
Contact Number*
Email Address*
3. Financial Compliance Information
VAT Number*
SDL Number
Tax Number
Financial Year End (month)
4. Current WEEE Recycling
Describe WEEE Management Method(s)*
Please provide a brief summary of how you currently manage your WEEE
WEEE Management Service Provide name
Estimated Annual WEEE Tonnage Processed
Via Service Provider(s)
5. Document Uploads
Proof of Payment*
Maximum file size: 100 MB
SARS Tax Letter of Good Standing*
Maximum file size: 100 MB
Company Registration Certificate*
Maximum file size: 100 MB
BBBEEE Certificate*
Maximum file size: 100 MB
6. Person Completing the Form
Full Name*
Contact Number*
Email Address